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February Update


    February 2022

    There are days of waiting and despair, but also days of jubilation. Currently we are experiencing the jubilation!

    Over a year ago we were promised equipment which is necessary for minimally invasive surgery – hundreds of emails back and forth and finally today the gift arrived in Shell! A company from Quito will help us with the construction and commissioning. A year of almost daily prayer and many obstacles finally come to fruition.

    The new laparascopic equipment waits to get installed

    Our instrument for colonoscopy is currently of limited use. The first hospital in Wiesbaden where Eckehart worked as an intern found two such devices in their basement and decided to give them to us. A longtime friend made the connection between us and them. We are overjoyed! They also managed to get through customs with no problems. Our son-in-law, Rico, brought the devices with a group who are here helping to finish the renovation of the rooms for the indigenous people from the jungle. Most of the finances for this project have already been donated. We are very thankful and happy.

    Recently we received the finances to buy a colposcope. Together with our new PCR diagnostics we can now detect papilloma viruses, the viruses which cause cervical cancer. Only a few years ago cervical cancer was the main cause of cancer in women, especially in our region. Thanks to many of you for helping with this!

    Our Gynecologist proving the Colposcope on my hand. You see the result on the screen

    Almost all our general practitioners have been trained in Cuba, which doesn’t include training in inpatient management. They now have to learn that as the hospital progresses to its next stage. Today the first non-surgical patients were admitted to the hospital. A good preparation for the next step – preparing for the base hospital.

    Our US-American foundation has found new employees and directors after the Wilson couple had to give up their responsibilities due to age and illness. Younger people moving in with new ideas. We feel very supported by them.

    Thanks to your help, we were able to pay off another quota payment for the site and the houses. We
    are now 6 months ahead of schedule. Thanks for all your gifts. God continues to surprise us with the generosity of those who pray and those who give.

    The first NON surgical inpatient over night. The next days we had three of them. Hospitalization is improving.

    Our prayer request for the future is the unity of our team. How is the spirit of prayer maintained here? How do we resolve conflicts? How do we integrate new team members? We recently started with a joint service every 3 months and continue with the weekly morning prayer on Wednesday. The morning devotions are more and more profound, everyone has a turn and it is usually well prepared. We also see our employees growing spiritually. We wonder if that will continue when the Wolffs are gone?

    The newest project is the guest house for oversees employees. It had to be postponed because of project for the housing of the indigenous people. The roof of the guest house has already been renovated. Next will be the very complex interior work with a completely new water system and electrical installation as well as a new ceiling, rooms and furniture.

    New personell working in different areas of needs for the hospital – here cleaning the computers.

    It’s going to be a turbulent time in the coming months. We are currently continuing to write the rules for our employees which should be ready in the next month. Then the Ministry of Health, Environment and Labor will assign us new jobs. Thanks for everyone who has accompanied us on our journey.


    You can send your tax deductible US contributions to Lightway Medical Foundation at the address below. As of right now, 100% of your contribution will be given to efforts here in Shell. There is NO administration fee because of the volunteer service of those running Lightway.

    Contributions can be sent to:

    Lightway Medical Foundation
    PO Box 8066
    Fort Wayne, IN 46898

    Or you can donate through the website:
    Donations – Lightway Medical Foundation

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