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May Update

    End of work with a new start:

    May 2022

    For Klaudia and Eckehart, the official professional activity ends in May. Then we really are (almost) retired. The change of command took place a few days ago at the Fundación Misión Cristiana de Salud meeting. Ecuadorians take over responsibility. But it will be a few weeks before all of this becomes official through the local State offices.

    The new leading team of the Fundación Misión Cristiana de Salud. In the middle the new president Dr. Jorge Rivera

    Of course, we will miss our loyal patients, but it has to be a cut. That’s why we will travel to Chile and Peru for 3 weeks without a telephone connection there. Then we come back to visit in Ecuador with our children and their families and say good by to many friends. And we still have to sign some official documents in Shell and Quito.

    Our farewell is connected with big changes in the hospital. We’re now open 24/7, as they say here. A significant change went through our work team. Division managers have taken on responsibility, new staff has been and will be hired, employees are growing beyond themselves. It’s a pleasure to witness. And one prayer requests remains: Will the many new employees also understand and support the spiritual foundations of the work? Aren’t there two types of employees then?

    The almost whole team at the last team event before opening 24/7

    A new general and a new trauma surgeon are about to start. Eckehart assists them in surgeries and the change is smooth. At the end of May we expect the last spare parts from Germany for the laparoscopy tower. 14 months after the promise of the gift, it is becoming a reality!

    The new general surgeon. José Morales is from Venezuela

    This means that we can really apply for a permit as a basic hospital. The other patient rooms are ready these days – expansion to 25 beds. That should happen at the end of May. With joy we see the opening of the rooms for indigenous people from the jungle (casitas). We have a person living in one of the rooms and taking care of them. There was a young lady with ruptured appendix and peritonitis. We operated on her and a day later she stayed for almost a week there for medication, control and changing dressing for low costs. We count on more and more of those “guests”. 

    The second part of the hospital in open now

    So we end our active time at the end of May, but remain still connected to the hospital. The hospital has grown enormously, but it still needs help for further expansion, a house for work groups and, for right now, for paying new employees for the many night shifts.

    New laboratory equipment reemplacing 7 years old machines
    The center of our work: Starting the work in the morning with devotions and prayers for staff an patients.
    And on Wednesday mornings bible study and prayer with the team – since September 2013 without a break.

    We Wolffs remain connected to Hospital Shell. It is still “our child” soon to be 9 years old. God is great. He gave blessings. The motto: “Fe hecho realidad” – faith that became reality – indicates God’s faithfulness. We will continue to report, probably at longer intervals. We are staying in Ecuador until September 2022.


    You can send your tax deductible US contributions to Lightway Medical Foundation at the address below. As of right now, 100% of your contribution will be given to efforts here in Shell. There is NO administration fee because of the volunteer service of those running Lightway.

    Contributions can be sent to:

    Lightway Medical Foundation
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    Or you can donate through the website:
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